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Aberdeen Total Return Bond Portfolio Manager Interview Global assets are more volatile, and investors are facing many challenges as they search for yield amid low and even negative rates. Lynn Chen, Head of Total Return Bond, discusses the main challenges and risks in the fixed-income markets currently, attractive opportunities in this environment and the outlook for the rest of the year. View
Asia by Numbers Asia’s rising economic importance makes it impossible to ignore. View
Emerging Markets Equities Portfolio Manager Interview Devan Kaloo, Head of Global Emerging Markets, discusses the current environment for emerging markets equities along with Aberdeen’s market outlook. View
India by the numbers India stands to gain from potential renewed interest in emerging markets. With positive economic growth and steady progress on reform measures, India remains one of the bright spots in Asia from a macroeconomic perspective.
Japan: Another roll of the dice It has been a mixed year so far for Japan, yet in some ways it has been business as usual. The economy has exhibited little movement away from the economic torpor that has engulfed it for much of the past quarter of a century.
Lens on risk: the nuances of risk and investing Risk has been around since the dawn of investing and investors should give it the full attention it deserves. Because each investment strategy has a different set of return attributes and risks, diversification can help mitigate overall portfolio risk.
Reasons why: Why Japan Equity Not only does Japan boast enviable strengths such as a high-quality workforce and technical superiority, there are also many world-class companies that are global leaders in their respective fields. View
Small caps by the numbers Smaller companies have a direct impact on the fundamental health of the U.S. economy, having created in our view a significant amount of the job growth in recent decades.
Steady as she goes: Navigating volatile markets with liquid alternatives When added to a well-diversified portfolio, liquid alternatives are a way to help add stability, limit certain investment risks, and maximize asset allocation strategies.
The rise of emerging markets Uncertainty in the developed world—whether it’s in the form of Brexit or continued record low interest rates—has encouraged investors to take a closer look at the many opportunities emerging economies have to offer. Emerging markets offer compelling growth potential relative to their developed world counterparts, which can translate into attractive investment opportunities for the long-term investor with regard to emerging-markets debt.
U.S. Small Cap Equity Portfolio Manager Interview We believe it’s a mistake to miss the long-term capabilities of small-cap companies. Less analyst coverage means identifying quality, lesser-known companies with simpler business models and specific products and expertise.
Where to go next? While record-low interest rates will likely continue until inflation begins to pick up, there are still ways to find additional income within the fixed-income universe. We look at two possibilities that fixed-income investors might consider as they decide where to go next in their search for yield: U.S. high yield and emerging-markets corporate debt.