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2017 Outlook As with each year that has gone before, events in 2016 have confounded expectations. The U.S. did not manage to raise interest rates too much, the UK chose to exit from the European Union and China did not collapse into economic meltdown. Read more on themes that are likely to have a bearing on the world of investing in the new year.
Asia by Numbers Asia’s rising economic importance makes it impossible to ignore.
Emerging Markets by the numbers From Asia to Latin America, global emerging markets (GEM) comprise a broad universe and can offer good quality companies across sectors.
Emerging markets rebounded sharply Emerging markets have rebounded strongly and valuations appear attractive. The outlook for emerging markets is quite positive and spotlights include how the India reforms gain momentum and China appears stabilized.
Equity Strategies and ESG: the way forward More and more investors are including environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into their decision-making process. Learn more about how Aberdeen offers investors the opportunity to invest in equities that are aligned with ESG ethics.
ESG: Coming to the mainstream Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investment strategies are slowly but surely coming into the mainstream. This article helps define many ESG terms and details Aberdeen’s investment analysis across asset classes.
The evolution of frontier markets Investment managers that have demonstrated their capabilities in research and investing in frontier markets, both in equities and fixed income, can provide valuable expertise in this specialized segment of the markets.
Fixed income and the importance of staying active One of the most important bits of advice you may receive is to remain active. The same advice can be followed as you think about fixed income as part of your asset allocation strategy.
Global High Yield Portfolio Manager Interview Steven Logan, Head of Global Yield, discusses the asset class, potential impacts from global events and his outlook for the months ahead.
How active strategies help small caps Powerful stock selection requires significant active management—especially when it comes to U.S. smaller companies.
Indian Equities Portfolio Manager Interview Portfolio manager Adrian Lim discusses his most recent trip to India and Aberdeen’s outlook on opportunities in Indian equities.
India: The Giant Awakens The Indian economy is in much better shape and the country has immense growth potential. Coupled with a large domestic market and expanding middle class, India’s longer-term opportunities look attractive.
Japan Equities Portfolio Manager Interview Japan has been buoyed by five consecutive quarters of rising gross domestic product (GDP) growth. Earnings have generally been resilient, and underlying company fundamentals have firmed up. And while it is encouraging to see gradual improvement in corporate governance from last year, it will take time for changes to take root.
Look sharp: Perceptions of risk in emerging markets One of the areas that investors should consider reevaluating is their perceptions of the differences between emerging and developed markets.”
Pure thinking at Aberdeen As a pure asset manager without the distractions of other financial service activities, we are free to focus all resources on managing our clients’ investments.
Reasons why: Global Emerging Market Equity Here are five reasons why the time for global emerging market opportunities has come back.
Reasons why: Japan Equity Here are the reasons why Japanese equity is worth an investor’s consideration.
Reasons why: U.S. Small Cap There are several reasons why investors should consider an allocation to U.S. small-cap equity.
Small caps by the numbers Our latest infographic offers some facts about smaller companies.
Stewardship: Alternatives For every investment we make, we analyze the risks and opportunities, which includes a review of environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) across alternative strategies.
Stewardship: Equities We analyze the risks and opportunities that may affect investments for both the short- and long-term. This process includes environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) across the equity universe.
Stewardship: Fixed Income As a pure asset manager, we are able to concentrate our investment process by analyzing the risks and opportunities of environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) across the fixed income universe.
Taking a broader view of fixed income markets Some of the best fixed-income opportunities can be found overseas as valuations for U.S. investment-grade corporates are somewhat rich despite strong fundamentals. Learn more about determining fixed income investments.
U.S. small caps: Trump and market trends The nation’s smaller companies are mostly domestic-oriented and less impacted by international trends. Less analyst coverage of small caps can help active managers benefit from overlooked opportunities.